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Pilot Apptitude Battery Test


Pilot Aptitude Battery Test (PABT) is an interesting test. It is gone for evaluating a hopeful's bent to be prepared as a pilot. Pilot Aptitude Battery Test is being utilized as an autonomous choice gadget to enlist potential officers into Flying Branch of Indian Air Force. PABT embodies three tests viz Instrument Battery Test (INSB), Sensory Motor Apparatus Test (SMA) and Control Velocity Test (CVT). Instrument Battery Test (INSB) is a paper pencil test and other two are machine tests.


  Instrument Battery Test
  Sensory Motor Apparatus Test
  Control Velocity Test

  Age Limit

The Candidate Must be between the age of 21 and 24 years


  The Candidate must be a graduate in any discipline including B.E/B.TECH with a minimum of 60% from a recognized university.
  The Candidate must have passed With 60% MArks up to 12th standard. The Candidate must not have any present backlogs.

  Physical Standards

  The Candidate must have a minimum height of 162.5 cms with a correlated weight and a leg length between 99 and 120 cms.
  The Candidate must not be Color blind or night blindness.

 These tests measure the psychomotor co-ordination skill of the individual. These tests are conducted on a single day and administered only once in life time.

  PABT is conducted by Air Force Selection Board only for recommended candidates those who are eligible for flying branch.
 If your board do not have PABT equipment then you will be taken for PABT at nearby Air Force Selection Centre.

  Instrument Battery Test

  •   INSB written test has 75 questions in two parts, 15 and 60 questions. Total time allotted for INSB is 35 minutes.
  •   INSB consist of few question in which you have to find out the direction of fighter plane, like its descending, ascending, left bank or right bank. The Officer In charge will explain all this before test properly.

  Sensory Motor Apparatus Test

  •   There is a two rectangle (small one is in big one).
  •   There is a dot comes from upper screen which has to be adjusted in small rectangle.
  •   Another beep killing has to be executed by pressing jockey button.
  •   Another process is to put off yellow and red light simultaneously by left hand lever.
  •   When you adjusted the circle in small rectangle then only the score will count.

  Control Velocity Test

  •   Another machine test is control velocity test in which by jockey a small dot should be superimposed on free falling yellow dots coming from upper screen.
  •   You should touch this blue line to randomly coming yellow balls for high score.

Preparation Tips For INSB

  •   Prior to this test, you will be getting an itemized guidelines from an officer. He will be showing you about distinctive meters in an air ship furthermore letting you know how to peruse them accurately.
  •   INSB is a target sort test, you will be getting inquiries identified with flying machine meters.
  •   Don't squander additional time on single inquiries, verify you endeavor the same number of as inquiries in light of the fact that there is no negative checking.
  •   Perused the inquiries precisely, you can utilize your hand as an air ship to recreate the position of a flying machine according to question.
  •   It would be better on the off chance that you read about these meters before hand.

Preparation Tips For Machine Tests

  •   Listen to the direction given by officer about Machine and controllers.
  •   Request the questions when he completes his directions (if any).
  •   Don't get perplexed, its not a genuine plane. Foresee that you are playing a diversion at home.
  •   You will get three trials for every test i.e. tactile engine contraption test and control speed test.
  •   When you break down the affectability of the controller, it will be a cake stroll for you to get high score in other two endeavors.
  •   Don't get apprehensive on the off chance that you are not ready to perform well in any single endeavor, in light of the fact that checks will be considered as best of three endeavors and not total of three endeavors.
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